East-Tec Eraser 2013

East-Tec Eraser 2013

It helps you protect your personal data, your offline and online
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East-Tec Eraser 2013 is actually a comprehensive suite of tools designed to help you keep your system free of unnecessary files and protected against prying eyes. It allows you to get rid of deleted e-mail messages, to wipe any of your hard and external drives securely, and to shred already deleted files to render them unrecoverable.

Once opened, the program will check all your deleted and junk files and will warn you about any potential security or privacy risks found on your system. If found, you can get rid of these potential risks by running the program’s Privacy Guard, which will erase all Internet tracks, application data, and Windows files that may harm your privacy. Besides, East-Tec Eraser specializes in shredding all types of already deleted items. Thus, it can effectively destroy all traces of your deleted e-mails as well as all the files and folders sent to the recycle bin. The program supports all the most widely used e-mail clients, such as Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape Mail, and Opera Mail, together with any Web-based e-mail client, including Yahoo!, Hotmail, and Gmail.

The program can also wipe any of your drives both to recovery any unused space and to erase deleted data beyond recovery. It allows you to wipe the slack (the unused space in a disk cluster) and any compressed file, as well as to scramble file and folder properties, alternate data streams, and transactions log files for extra security.

The security level used can be customized in the program’s main interface. Each of the dozen security levels provided is related to the standard, used for permanent erasure of data, which includes industry standards such as the Bruce Schneier's Algorithm and the Peter Gutmann's Method. Either way, this 2013 version of East-Tec Eraser provides such a high level of flexibility, customization, and security that it stands out amongst many of its competitors. The only area that could use a bit of improvement is the structure of the program’s interface, as many available features make it a bit confusing to navigate at times.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Attractive interface
  • Offers you various levels of security
  • Privacy Guard utility
  • Supports all the most widely used Internet browsers


  • The interface structure may be confusing at times
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